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A Mother-Daughter team! At Mama Knows Best we are committed to delivering top-quality products, educating our community, as well as encouraging healthy lifestyle choices. We use organic seeds, soil, and cleaning products. We use filtered water, no fertilizer or pesticides, and
use less land via vertical farming. Our microgreens are grown indoors, where we keep a clean and controlled environment year-round! We are excited to bring nutrition into your homes and onto your tables.


U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists have determined your Mom was right. You should eat your Brussel sprouts, kale, cabbage, and 27 additional varieties of Brassica microgreens.

What are Microgreens?

Microgreens are the superfood superheroes. Microgreens are the young seedlings of vegetables and herbs. As seedlings, a University of Maryland study has shown that they pack up to 40X more vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients than the adult plant. They are harvested with the seed’s original leaves intact, very soon after these first true leaves emerge.

Microgreens are an extremely sustainable way to get your nutrition, as a big reason why conventional farming is problematic is the long-distance travel required for most people to receive their produce. Sourcing microgreens locally year-round is an excellent way to give back to your body, community, and environment.


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